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“At the first sign of trouble, they can immediately remove their loved one from harm and report the caregiver to the proper authorities.”Attorney General Porrino unveiled the Safe Care Cam program today at a press conference that included hidden-camera footage of three in-home healthcare providers abusing patients; a 26-year-old bed-bound man on a ventilator who was handled roughly and slapped, a 91-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease who was roughed up while being fed by her caregiver, and an elderly woman who fell to the floor and was ignored by the caregiver sitting beside her.

The shocking footage underscores the mission behind Safe Care Cam - to address the public’s growing concern about caregiver abuse as more and more consumers choose in-home care as a more-affordable alternative to the escalating cost of placing elderly, disabled, or infirm family members in long-term facilities or nursing homes.

For most people, choosing an in-home caregiver is an important decision fraught with concern that the person they’ve hired, no matter how qualified, will mistreat their loved one.

And with secretly recorded video of abuse gaining circulation in news accounts and on social media, more and more people are taking a close look at whom they have hired.

Porrino, Attorney General Division of Consumer Affairs Steve C.

The hearing commenced at the Meijiang People's Court on July 12.

The pensioner was confirmed to sustain grade I injuries including an orbital bone fracture and cheekbone fracture after a body inspection by the Chinese authority. He defended by saying that he was simply trying to protect himself. The carer also explained that he had kicked the elderly man because he wanted to prevent himself from tripping over on the pensioner's leg.

Since January, the State Board of Nursing, which oversees CHHAs, has revoked, suspended, or otherwise disciplined nearly 300 CHHAs for alleged criminal activities on or off the job.

Those alleged crimes include criminal sexual contact, assault, theft, and stolen identity.

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The 77-year-old man, who is paralysed, was slapped on the head, pushed onto the floor and thrown into the bed violently by his carer, surnamed Sun.

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