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You can find Arabic people in Arabic chat rooms or international chat rooms chatting online in Arabic or English.Communicate with Middle East Arabs in local chat rooms.May Allah bless all of us with loving, passionate, and fulfilling intimate lives.With all due respect to my beloved and respected shuyukh, to whom I owe much of the knowledge I have gained about my religion, and for inspiring me to higher spiritual goals in my life, I firmly believe teaching female sexuality should be primarily handled by females – especially those who counsel on marital issues, psychologically or spiritually, and are familiar with the extended intimacy problems amongst women.

This series of articles contains the perspectives of several Muslim women at different stages of life who have grown up and lived in different parts of the world, East and West, and want to share some insights with Muslim men – both married and unmarried – who don’t want sexually repressed, bitter spouses and failing marriages.Due to a lack of knowledge, experience and know-how, a multitude of men are not fulfilling their wives.As a result, many women experience painful sex without climax.Major integrity and genuine kindness are essential. I'm just a country boy coming out of a 7yr marriage looking to make a few friends.

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