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It is a custom of US presidential elections that the candidates of the major parities receive classified briefings to prepare them, should they take office.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Mr Trump is set to receive his first such update on Wednesday at the FBI’s New York Field Office.

The couple communicate in English, but Natasha's command of the language is weak so Galina, who is more fluent, has gone with her as an interpreter.

In Cyprus, it is believed, Natasha will meet the prince's first wife, with whom she has reportedly spoken on the phone.

He is a prince and one of the richest men in the world - a member of Middle Eastern royalty who enjoys a lavish international lifestyle and has met the Queen.

Last week she was reluctant to speak, saying only: "I can't tell anything behind my husband's back. "My life has turned into a fairy tale." But she has told friends: "I really love him and there's nothing more I can think of right now." Scroll down for more Her 52-year-old mother Lilia is less ecstatic.

Another said: “LOL, they're giving Donald Trump classified briefings now.

How long before he tweets about what the FBI is giving him?

And when Natasha Aliyeva was told to take an orange juice to Sheik Saeed bin Maktoum al Maktoum in the £450-a-night presidential suite of the Hotel Minsk, just over a month ago, she could never have imagined how her life was about to change for ever.

Scroll down for more The 30-year-old prince is the son of a former ruler of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and has an estimated £8 billion fortune.

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