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When other chatters start ignoring them, which is the best thing to do, they become even more abusive wondering why no one wishes to chat with them.

Should a chat moderator or monitor warn them about their chat behavior they usually begin waffling on about freedom of speech (see below) and their God given rights to say what they like.

These chatters have nothing to fear as they abide by the terms of the chat room and website, and its not in their nature to be offensive.

In stark contrast to the above, this type of chat user is the obnoxious abusive kind.

A website is the same, you are welcome to use it as long as you follow the terms of using the website.Your permitted use of a website, and its chat room(s), is governed by a websites terms of service.The terms of service are a binding LEGAL contract that outlines your use of the website, should you not agree with the terms of service you are requested to leave the website.Harassment - Harassment comes in many shapes and forms, for the most part harassment in chat rooms is deemed as: Any exchange in a room (public or private), at which ANY party involved did not consent to.If you are ask to stop discussing objectionable subject matter and you continue to discuss it. It should be pointed out here that a website is the personal property of the website owner or company.

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