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Before the internet there simply was no other to get exposed to these band unless you were lucky enough to know someone already hip to them.

I am very thankful to the people that put this compiltion together. If you're looking to get a taste of what was happening beyond the radio signal in the 1980s start here.

Co-compiler Scott Becker's liner notes, though, are a mixed bag. I'd forgotten how jangly and punk this stuff sounds. If you're interested in the peak of Indie Rock (and 80's music, in particular) this is highly recommended.

Taking unnecessary swipes at 60's rock and using the old Rock-crit line that the 70's were "a musical black hole", Becker's notes are better when dealing with the 80's Indie Rock that he loves, not dissing acts (like Bob Seger) who were pretty great, even if he didn't like them. As with any compilation made by someone else, you could always find room for improvement: SST era Sonic Youth and Twin/Tone era Replacements would've been nice. Bought it when it came out, which now makes me growing progressively old today as I pull it out of the rack Jan. Indie guy one day, cut-out bin (oh, don't tell me you don't know what that is! Such lovely flow here, from the GBV/Deal sisters Marvel Comics-style team-up opener, to the Built To Spill/Caustic Resin back-of-the book team-up it dives right into.

RED HOT AND BOTHERED is part of the Red Hot series of releases benefiting various AIDS charities.

I don't listen to cd's anymore but becuase of this comp I have sought out the old vinyl records and listen to those frequently.

The bands featured here are for the most part Indie rock legends: Husker Du, Meat Puppets, Yo La Tengo.

And I might add a couple of personal favorites like the Chills and the Feelies.

A nifty Compilation released in 1995, this collection contains an exclusive track from Pollard as Freedom Cruise, one of three Freedom Cruise appearances on record. includes tracks from Built to Spill, Folk Implosion, Noise Addict, The Verlaines, East River Pipe, among others.

What a great hidden gem from ‘95 featuring the Deal sisters on backing harmonies.

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