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Within two centuries Transoxiana indeed became the center of the Persian cultural world under the Samanid dynasty.Rudaki, Farabi, Khwarazmi, and Avicenna are just a few of the Central Asians who stand out in medieval Islam.Two main lines emerge in the results offered in this book, the one indicating a tendency to focus on intended meanings; the other concentrating on more than one level of reception of Buddhist art in a liturgical context.For over a thousand years, up through the tenth century of the Common Era, the prime actors in the transmission of the world's major religions from West to East were the people of Transoxiana, roughly modern Uzbekistan.

Recent non-western art-historical publications show an increasing tendency to work with methodological frameworks developed by specialists on western art.Situated halfway between the Mediterranean and Chinese centers of civilization, the natives of this region, Iranian-speakers known as Sogdians, were ideally situated to be middlemen.Sogdian merchants were for centuries among the most successful in Asia, and their trading activities formed the major link connecting East and West.This paper will discuss how and why the Iranian-speaking peoples of Central Asia played such a major role in the transmission of religions from the Near East to the Far East throughout the first millennium of the Common Era.Archeological evidence suggests that urban-based political structures in the Oxus region began to develop from the early part of the first millennium BCE.

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